- ARC R10 - ARC USA - Front Gear Diff Tuning -

For those that want to run a gear diff up front, here is a brief DIY that i made to help you

Here are the items you need:

-ARC R10 Geear diff # R109001
-Mack's Waterproof ear plug putty (Walmart/ Target)
-8,000-10,000 CST silicone oil

Mack's Ear Plugs

Build the gear diff same as you would the rear gear diff

Take one ear plug and tear it into smaller pieces as shown

Insert one piece at a time into the gear diff and try to pack it in all the nook and cranies of the gear diff. Put two drops of 8000-10000 silicon oil on top of putty (just stuff it enough to cover all the holes)

Now insert the 4 smaller gears and push it into the putty as hard as you can

Now insert the remaining putty into the gear diff, if you cannot close the other diff half, you can always remove some putty little at a time. Close and tighten.

Now you have a smooth gear diff you can install in the front. After many runs back to back with a spool on high grip carpet, i found the gear diff calms the front down. It also allows the car to transition better in chicanes and it provides overall more even grip from front to back.