- ARC R10 - Cesar Salvadori - Practice - Santo Andre - 12.05.2013 -

Here is my latest improvement on R10. From my last setup I wanted to achieve more overal steering, especially on low speed corners whre I felt a big lack of steering before.

1.) Changed from Mazda Speed to LTC body
2.) Tried front antidive by removing front suspension mount shim (1.0 to 0.5mm)
3.) Used softer 1,3mm front anti roll bar
4.) Increased suspension uptravel by 0.5mm (less drownstop value)
5.) Rear diff oil from 1000 to 600cSt. Didn't make a big difference, basically on 2 corners the car became more stable under hard acceleration, on the other corner (very big radius fast corner) the car was perfect with 1000Cst and now it's pushing a little bit. I will try something between 600 and 1000, but will most likely go back to 1000.

The result was good and even switching back and forth with LTC and Mazda body the laptimes are always fasters.

With LTC the car is really fast, but easy to make mistakes. With the Mazda the car behaviour is more conservative and laptimes are a bit more consistent.

Track layout is open and fast, surface is asphalt.

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C. Salvadori