- ARC R10-2013 - P.Y. Tang - Singapore - 23-24.11.2013 -

Race report

Team ARC-ORCA wins at KLIMS Indoor Carpet 2013

KLIMS or Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show was held on November 15-24, 2013. As part of another main event, Hobby Haven and Stargek Malaysia organized an indoor carpet RC race on the last weekend of the motor show, which over 100 entries registered in 3 classes of 13.5T Boost Touring, Mini and F1.

P.Y.Tang from Team ARC/ORCA qualified 2nd behind Azri Amri from Team Yokomo PRC/ORCA who has been showing great pace all week long. However in the finals, P.Y.Tang turned everything around when he was able to capture the last two finals to take the overall win. Having the highest respect between these two drivers, both put up a great show in front of the fans and the audience.

Qualifying rounds, Azri Amri set the pace taking Q1 and Q2 setting below 12s lap. P.Y.Tang managed to top the group in Q3 and again Azri Amri topped Q4 to secure TQ, ending day 1 of qualifying. P.Y.Tang would sit in 2nd and Daryl Thong completing top 3. On day 2, the last qualifying run would see drivers trying to secure a better position in the A-Main and a few drivers trying to get a spot into the main show, while top 2 positions were already confirmed. P.Y.Tang topped Q5 with a change in setup also hitting below 12s lap hoping to bring the momentum going into the finals. From the front, Azri Amri would be first in the starting grid, followed by P.Y.Tang and Daryl Thong with another consistent run.

Top10 Qualifying Standings (A-Main 13.5T Boost):
1. Azri Amri - Yokomo - ORCA - 300pts
2. P.Y.Tang - ARC - ORCA - BLITZ - XPERT- 299pts
3. Daryl Thong - ARC - ORCA - BLITZ - 296pts
4. Iliyas Rabani - VBC - ORCA - 294pts
5. Norazam - ARC - BLITZ - 288pts
6. Wong Kok Wai - VBC - ORCA - 286pts
7. Haikal - Xray - ORCA - 284pts
8. KS Chu - Yokomo - 284pts
9. Nilai Chong - SpecR - 280pts
10. Shahrin - Yokomo - 280pts

Going into the finals, Azri Amri and P.Y.Tang headed up front in Final A1 with some carnage problem behind. Azri Amri pulled away from start to finish leaving P.Y.Tang in 2nd. Final A2 and A3 was pretty much the same affair between the top 2. P.Y.Tang started off in these two finals putting more pressure to Azri Amri. Capitalizing on Azri Amri mistake on traction roll, P.Y.Tang was able to hang on to the lead to win the last two finals to take the overall win. Wong Kok Wai completed overall top 3 starting from 6th.

Top10 Final Standings (A-Main 13.5T Boost):
1. P.Y.Tang - ARC - ORCA - BLITZ - XPERT
2. (TQ) Azri Amri - Yokomo - ORCA
3. Wong Kok Wai - VBC - ORCA
4. KS Chu - Yokomo
5. Norazam - ARC - BLITZ
6. Nilai Chong - SpecR
7. Shahrin - Yokomo
8. Haikal - Xray - ORCA
9. Daryl Thong - ARC - ORCA - BLITZ
10. Iliyas Rabani - VBC - ORCA

Report by Soo