- ARC R10 2013 - P.Y. Tang - Jakarta - 09-10.11.2013 -

Race report

P.Y.Tang ARC R10 2013 wins Indonesia Year End Race

Recent Team ARC and Xpert signing P.Y.Tang travelled to Jakarta to attend the 2013 Indonesia Year End Race. This was his third time participating in the event since 2010, which this year he would take the top qualifier spot and finishing 1st overall. Below is his race report.

"Great to attend the Indonesia Year End Race for the 3rd time invited by SIS track owner, Suwardi Suliandy. Due to busy work schedule last year I had to miss the event, but travelling to this event is always tough with many local talented drivers who knows this track in and out. This year, the entry was lower with 4 mains in the 10.5T Superstock Class and 1 main in the FF Class. Arriving at the track on Thursday, we started practicing. Track condition changes a lot during the day and late afternoon making setup changes inconsistent. Knowing the track grip level in different temperature and time seems to be the key in planning tire strategy which a maximum of 3 sets are allowed for qualifying and finals. Qualifying would be combining 2 best laps/time out of 6 rounds.

Sorex tires were chosen and seems to get the best laptimes, despite spending a lot of times testing on Ride tires. More testing would be needed in order to make the Ride tires work but time is not what we had. The ORCA VXX speedo also worked great with a maximum temperature of around 80degC even running aggressive settings for ORCA TX 10.5T. The 12.5mm TX rotor also gave the best performance on this track. Racing the ARC R10 2013 for the first time after signing and switching to Xpert servos, this race would be a good time to test and understand these equipments before heading to the big event at TITC. On the R10 2013, the setup was quite similar to the Taiwan race recently, the major difference was using the Blitz GSF lightweight prototype bodyshell setup with front spool. The Blitz GSF gave a lot more on-throttle steering increasing cornering speed which is suitable for large tracks.

Qualifying 1, I was able to lead the pace taking 19 laps at 5:10. Second qualifying worked well with the second run tires improving 3 seconds on top of the group. With 3 rounds more on the later afternoon, it was very crucial when the grip level at the highest. I had a DNF on Q3 when my car suffered from loosen wheel nuts, which Daryl Thong running on another ARC R10 2013 topped the round. Finishing 2nd on Q4 running on 4-runs old tires, Q5 was the fastest which I was able to topped the timing at 19 laps 5:01 with fresh tires and changing to low friction pulleys and belts. Holding the TQ overnight, not many drivers were able to improve on the last Q6 on Sunday which I would start in front.

Top10 Qualifying Standings (A-Main 10.5T) Best 2 Rounds Combined:
1. P.Y.Tang - ARC R10 2013 - Orca VXX/TX/Infinite - Blitz GSF - Titan - Xpert - 38 laps 10:07.173
2. Ronny Suwarto - Xray - Orca VX/RX2/Infinite - 38 laps 10:11.635
3. Heri Susanto - Xray - Orca TX/Infinite - 38 laps 10:12.820
4. Daryl Thong - ARC R10 2013 - Orca VXX/RX2/Infinite - Blitz GSF - Titan - Xpert - 38 laps 10:13.981
5. Peter Anthoni Js - Yokomo - 38 laps 10:14.691
6. Deni Glk. - Associated - Orca VX/RX2 - 38 laps 10:16.972
7. M. Izzah - Xray - Orca VX - 38 laps 10:19.519
8. Danny W. - Xray - Orca RX2 - 38 laps 10:19.840
9. Rama Tribudiman - Tamiya - 38 laps 10:22.905
10. Suwardi Suliandy - Xray - Orca VX/RX2/Infinite - 38 laps 10:23.253

Final A1 was on fresh rubber, started off with Ronny S. following closely behind but I was able to pull away for the first win, followed by talented 13-year old M.Izzah and Ronny S. Left with two sets of 1-run tires, I was in a good position going into A2 and A3. In Final A2, Heri S. running fresh tires had a good start climbing to 2nd after the first turn. Following closely by car 3, I had to defend my lines until about lap 4 which I had a little breather and pushed for the win, with Heri S. in 2nd and M.Izzah in 3rd. Completing the Final A3 win with the first 20 laps in the race, followed by Daryl Thong in 2nd and Heri S. in 3rd."

Top10 Final Standings (A-Main 10.5T):
1. (TQ) P.Y.Tang - ARC R10 2013 - Orca VXX/TX/Infinite - Blitz GSF - Titan - Xpert - 2pts
2. Heri Susanto - Xray - Orca TX/Infinite - 5pts
3. M. Izzah - Xray - Orca VX - 5pts
4. Ronny Suwarto - Xray - Orca VX/RX2/Infinite - 7pts
5. Daryl Thong - ARC R10 2013 - Orca VXX/RX2/Infinite - Blitz GSF - Titan - Xpert - 8pts
6. Peter Anthoni Js - Yokomo - 9pts
7. Deni Glk. - Associated - Orca VX/RX2 - 12pts
8. Suwardi Suliandy - Xray - Orca VX/RX2/Infinite - 12pts
9. Danny W. - Xray - Orca RX2 - 14pts
10. Rama Tribudiman - Tamiya - 17pts

P.Y.Tang ARC R10 2013 was equipped with Orca VXX speedo, Orca TX 10.5T motor, Orca Infinite 7000 80C Lipo, Dubidesign Blitz GSF lightweight bodyshell, Xpert PI-3401LV brushless servo, Huge RC Ceramic Bearings, Huge RC 30mm and 40mm High Speed Fan, ARC Spur Gear, Titan Ultra Pinion Gear, Nasa Mighty Gripper V3.