- ARC R10-2013 - Helge Johannessen - Norway Nationals - Sørlihavna - 01.09.2013 -

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Skalert lidenskap from Torstein Bøe on Vimeo.

Race report by Adrian Berntsen

Last weekend the Norwegian National Championship was held at Sorlihavna, a track located near Oslo. This track is feared by many drivers, because the grip can get crazy and there are many local drivers from the hosting club that are very fast on this track.

The weather prediction for the weekend was not very good, and the qualification form that was used was round by round 2 of 5 counting. On Saturday morning the rain came. It could be crucial to get some points early, since the prediction for Sunday was dry. With a record breaking of total 74 entries, the total racers that attended were 64 racers.

The two first qualifiers was wet, Georg and Adrian took one qualifier each, with Adrian surprising everyone with his skills on wet weather. When the third qualifier was about to start, the weather had cleared up and the hosting club did everything they could to make the track dry. With a short delay the track was cleared as dry and some fast times could start. Adrian took home the third qualifier with Helge and Thomas chasing not far behind.

On Sunday the track was completely dry and the grip was even better. Helge set the pace with Adrian in second and Thomas in third place. Adrian took home the last qualifier placing him on pole for the finals. Helge secured the second spot in the A-final, and Georg who took home the first qualifier in wet secured the Third spot.

Positions after qualifying:
1. Adrian Berntsen
2. Helge Johannessen
3. Georg Ellingsen
4. Thomas Holmesland
5. Arild Andersen
6. Oskar Fjeld
7. Morten Bremsrud
8. Oyvind Stusdal
9. Rune Svestol
10. Goran Langsholt

In the warmup before the finals Helge had an accident with his car, breaking his rear belt. This meant Adrian could take advantage of this. When the tone hit, everyone got away clean and safe. Georg hit the curb on to the straight with Thomas passing him straight away. Thomas could then start the hunt for Adrian. Adrian did a rare mistake, hitting the curb after some time. Thomas took the opportunity and passed him. But Adrian showed his true skills and took the first place spot back and could in the cruise in to leg 1 win in front of Thomas Holmesland in 2nd and Georg Ellingsen in 3rd.

In the second final, everyone got away clean and safe, Helge was doing his best to stick up with Adrian and put pressure on to him. Helge couldn’t let Adrian take the win is this final as well, as Adrian won the first leg. But Adrian did everything right, leading from tone to tone and took home the win in the second final and took home the victory and the Norwegian National Champion title. Helge J finished 2nd, while Georg claimed the 3rd spot in this final.

In the third final the battle for the second and third spot would be a hard battle. Adrian did not start the final, since he already had won the race. Right before completing the first lap, Georg hit Helge by accident, placing them both on the grass. Thomas got by, but also had an accident which also put him onto the grass. Helge and Thomas lost a lot of time, and started hunting down the rest of the group. Helge in front of Thomas, Helge quickly made his move up, and so did Thomas. Morten Bremsrud was in the lead for some time, but when Helge came up behind him, Helge showed his skills and passed him. Thomas was chasing down for the third spot with Morten and Rune battling for this spot also. Rune had an accident and Thomas secured the third spot.

Final results:
1. Adrian Berntsen
2. Helge Johannessen
3. Thomas Holmesland 4. Georg Ellingsen 5. Morten Bremsrud 6. Rune Svestol 7. Oyvind Stusdal 8. Oskar Fjeld 9. Goran Langsholt
10. Arild Andersen


H. Johannessen

Race Report: