- ARC R10 2013 - Cesar Salvadori - St Andre - 05.10.2013 -

Setup used by Cesar Salvadori in the 6th stage of the championship AARC 2013 . The race was held in the new layout of the track .

Chassis taken in perfect time with the increase of adhesion during the day it started to have excessive high cornering grip . Although controllable , the car flipped by excessive grip 3 batteries in the end . Probably the combination of high grip with a little ripple in the curves high and blocky front axle are the reasons for that to happen . While this is controllable steering , front differential will be tested (oil 1,000,000 , 2,500,000 and mass ) in order to improve stability and make the car more docile curves high .
Additive prototype tested formula without any odor . Procedure used :
1. Clean the tires with clean brake Wurth
2. Application of the additive , heating to 65 C 20 minutes
3. Cleaning the additive residue with clean brake
4. Tires again heated to 45 C for the start of the race

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