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Manual Credit
BlackDiamond_Manual Advanced Electronics
PC Software Installation guide
PC-CABLE Installation/Troubleshoot guide
BD Tuner V3.9 pc program (FW included, Only compatible with FW 3.9). Release note

Previous firmware for Black Diamond
BD Tuner V2.1 pc program (Only compatible with FW 3.8).
BD Tuner V1 pc program for FW 3.5B and older.
FW V3.8 - Release note
FW V3.5 - Release note

When installing the latest bd_tuner old version will be uninstalled.
The V3 uses a different folder structure compared to the old ones:
BD_TUNER_v3 is installed under "c:\program files\ae_bd_tuner\V3\


Use them as a start point and adjust (if needed) according to your preference.

These files are backup files.
Download and save on your computer.
In the AE_BD_TUNER pc software you can open these by:
SPEEDO menu and load to gui (or press CTRL+L) to watch the settings.
If you want to use the settings then do a write all to speedo (CTRL+W)

Base Setup
Team drivers back-up setups
1:12 - FW3.8 - 13.5T

1:10 TC - FW 3.8 - 4.5T
1:10 TC - FW 3.8 - 10.5T
1:10 TC - FW 3.8 - 13.5T

1:10 2WD - FW 3.8 - 6.5T - Indoor, Carpet
1:10 2WD - FW 3.8 - 8.5T - Outdoor, Low traction Clay

1:10 4WD - FW 3.8 - 5.5T - Indoor, Carpet
1:10 4WD - FW 3.8 - 6.5T - Outdoor, Low traction Clay

Date Driver FW Vehicle Event – Place Composition Condition Credit
2014.01.11-12 Niclas Månsson (6.5) 3.9 2wd DHI Cup Carpet Advanced Electronics
2014.01.11-12 Niclas Månsson (5.5) 3.9 4wd DHI Cup Carpet Advanced Electronics

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