- XRC - Unplug Your Lipo -

LiPo batteries should never be allowed to fully discharge or they will be destroyed (and could be dangerous). It isn't uncommon for a racer to forget to turn his car off after a day of electric driving. This wouldn't normally be too big a deal, except when Lithium Polymer batteries are involved. If you leave your car turned on and your battery plugged in, the battery will fully discharge. To be sure that this never happens by accident, get into the habit of always unplugging your battery in your electric machine immediately after use (you should do this even if you aren't using LiPo packs). This way it won't be a huge deal if you forget to flick your switch. To take this tip one step further, try to never store your LiPo battery in your chassis. Taking it out forces you to address the plug issue every time so you'll never have a failure.