Sweep - How to make your chassis flat

Hereís a quick and easy tip to take away your carís chassis tweak.

1. Detache foam bumper and rear bodyposts.

2. Lossen out all the screw about a half to one turn on the bottom which you think are related to chassis tweak. e.g. bulk head screws etc.

3. Rotate a spur gear few times to sit every drive train part well.

4. Place your car upside down on a flat setting board. Front and rearí shock tower now support your car.

5. Tighten all the loosen screws with minimum power.(DO NOT TIGHTEN SCREWS HARD AT THIS STAGE)

6. Detache wheels then place your car on the setting board.
Remove any debris or battery strapping tape on the bottom of chassis before you place.

7. Press down the carís front and rear gently then tighten top deckís screws gently. (DO NOT TIGHTEN SCREWS HARD AT THIS STAGE)


8. Do it again on front and rear shock towers.


9.  Place the car upside down again then retighten all screws. This time you can tighten with your maximum power.


10. Do it again on top deck and shock towers screw.(MAKE SURE THEREíS NO UNTIGHTENED SCREWS. CHECK EVERY SCREW!)

11.Put foam bumper and rear body posts back.
Press each corner of chassis with hand and feel if the chassis is flat.
If you still feel the chassis isnít flat, Do above steps again and try to find whereís wrong then fix it!