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It's wiring when mounting the motor and (ESC) speed controller the RC car, is required to do always. By using the connector and code that is pre-installed on the motor and ESC of course, the connection itself is an easy thing, but that the code has been made longer in many cases, extra wiring or impair the appearance, and sometimes It could also be a trouble such as accidentally dragged the wiring while the vehicle is moving. So I would like to propose it's wiring by soldering. It is necessary also a unique work, such as handling of soldering iron, but lighter due to no hassle so much once you get used, wiring and improvement of power efficiency is reduced, appearance of the machine as well as the better, more I would like you to challenge it because there is an advantage.

Right condition. Photograph for you to route motor, with the code and are pre-installed on the ESC. It's also no problem of course, but I want to finish neat appearance of the chassis also. It's where the code is only this surplus, such as interference with the drive system is also anxious.

To wiring without the use of a connector, work of soldering becomes necessary of course. First, let's explore the items required to complete the task.

* Soldering Iron To solder the wiring cable for RC Car, soldering iron of high power / high capacity is necessary as much as possible. Damage of heat so as to reduce as much as possible to the motor and ESC, given the heat in a short period of time, in the tip thick tip, one of the output of 40W or more of the ceramic heater temperature is likely to rise is the recommended. To or even be replaced to something else tip Depending on the product, but that's the tip that looks as though it was cut at an angle, it is easy to work it is easy to convey heat in terms the tube of F4 ~ 5mm in the case of RC car.

Reference site
goot Taiyo Electric Industry Co. http://www.goot.jp/
HAKKO http://www.hakko.com/japan/

* Solder The core of the silicon cable commonly used in RC cars, those silver-plated to increase the power efficiency has been applied in many cases. The silver component may flow to solder and use a tin solder normal phenomenon occurred erosion so-called silver, power efficiency is likely is impaired. It seems possible to work around this behavior by where they use the silver solder containing silver to solder in, and kept to a minimal decrease in efficiency.

YT-SS1 silver solder

* Wiring cable As will explain any of the items of solder, copper wire that has been subjected to silver plating is used for wiring cable for RC car. It's what the electricity that flows down along the surface, such as a metal, more of the core wire plated with silver with less resistance on the surface that increases the power efficiency. It corresponds to a high current by bundling the thin core wire to increase the total surface area, to increase the area of ??electricity flows often. up to 16 per gauge narrow gauge from 12 bit big is the product popular by applications that use. In order to reduce the influence on the movable portion and the ease of the wiring, because it covers the core wire with a soft silicone rubber as an insulating film, it is called silicon cable in general.

* Other Units keep the soldering iron literally: soldering iron stand. Tip is a high temperature, it is recommended that you use it as a stand and prevent burns. It is also useful during the work, such as sponge tip cleaning because sticks to stand most of the time.

What is said to effect heat and cleaning of surface flow the solder, such as likely transmitted and "tar" obtained: flux. It can be said that the do not need nicotine Because I am also solder line usually within, but by applying a flux in advance to contact, it's possible that saves time, finish also to clean.

Those of the material that I knit to be used when you remove the solder that had extra flow, the copper wire: solder wick. Through the Ategai this line on the extra solder, put the heat iron, thereby sucked solder the line.

It is useful to have a simple device, etc. In order to keep tweezers, the ESC code and also other.

It is equipped with a brushless motor and ESC/BL-PRO2Turbo to drift machine DIB275, Let's explanation as an example wiring procedures for connecting this time. First Plug in a soldering iron, it should be pre-heated iron. Let us moistened with water to tip cleaning sponge iron holder.

Silicon cable used this time is Yokomo 12 gauge black cables that might cool finish in the black monochromatic. A soft silicone Super Flex cable, can be obtained energization maximum efficiency. In order to prevent the mistake of wiring, color shrink tube for color-coded also included.

BL-12WB Yokomo 12 gauge Black Code

To determine the pre-heating of the soldering iron, it is a good state to try to wash with wet sponge iron tip, is to melt immediately (left), solder wire looks like a gold. Tip is close to the silver temperature is too low, oxidized blue to instantaneous temperature is too high (right). Solder tends to melt when the temperature is high, but prone to bad solder flux because evaporates immediately. If the temperature of the tip is too high, it may be lowered and the temperature is pressed against the tip to the sponge.

Left the state that do not melt enough solder iron tip temperature is too low. Right in the photo is a state flax is burned temperature of the tip is too high. Example those in the middle is good. And solder metal part of the core wire familiar firmly, I have finished in the surface shiny little.

Now we jailing to work. Keep flowing solder in advance to the first part to be soldered. Code tip strip the silicon coating of the required length with a cutter, I keep lightly twist the core wire so as not only rose. By to keep plated solder contacts both the code and the tip, and to prevent a problem of soldering.

And temporarily fixed the ESC, to keep off the sensor cable and fan. In consideration of pre-order also to be wired, you work from the front of the terminal at the thought angle shed trowel in this case. High fever so transmitted to the cable is working, it is desirable to hold such as pliers or tweezers if possible.

Heat is so hard to come to be the point contact, even against the tip as it is, washing the tip to the soldering just before, the prime by dissolving a little solder wire in the tip further, the heat of the soldering iron immediately I like to travel to the object. Melt the solder of cable quickly in this state, it's image to be bonded to the terminal in the heat of missionary work from there.

Iron tip and solder plating, pre-operation is if good condition, without pressing force the tip, solder joints should melt in 3-5 seconds. You leave to release the soldering iron solder when melted enough and held the 10 seconds or so cable solder to solidify the junction temperature down.

Check whether the solder familiar firmly. If there is a problem, in order to avoid short circuit between the contacts of the other metal, etc., let cover to Put a heat shrinkable tube, etc. roast writer.

When installing and capacitor, and you need through the heat shrink tube in advance. This part is not needed capacitor is because it is connected to another position BL-PRO2, but when connecting the capacitor to the same terminal, shrink tubing and soldered before the cable in the main, after cooling the heat to some extent through the capacitor code, and it's OK if you like to solder the capacitor code on top of the main cable.

It is a trick repeated to confirm the tip every one of cable, not a lazy finish is clean. It is mounted on the chassis After installing the cable to the ESC. You attach the cable and sensor connection cables and the fans at this point also do not forget.

And the image of the completion of the wiring, let's bend the cable. Care not to interfere with the moving parts of the steering around and drive system, so move the ESC tray in the removal of the battery in the case of DIB, to determine the length of cable and wiring method in consideration as well.

Length of the cable after you have selected to mark such as Magic the position to cut. By that you align this position, the finish is beautiful and should see also functional.

Cut the cable to the length of the marking, strip the silicon film as well as wiring when the ESC, it should be solder plating. About 2mm cut the heat shrink tube color-coded to prevent incorrect wiring, I'll attach the code tip.

Soldered to the motor, the same goes for procedures and ESC. Gap between the resin bulkhead so tight, carefully so as not melted the bulk head.

Use the 2P connector Deans made the connection of the battery connector. It was finished in wiring neat significantly compared to normal cable.