Yokomo MR4-BX

Rear End Modification: How to obtain more camber out of the corner!

"Most top drivers are running this mod now and the car is transformed it gives more camber out of the corners for more rear traction. the steering mod is my idea and I like to run because I don't like fast steering, it also calms the front end down dramatically.

The upside down rear ballstuds I did not yet no of at Southport but at Tiverton (outdoor) it made a lot of difference for rear traction i got a old xxx4 front shocktower and made the spacers to rise up the rear top deck it has to go right across to keep the diff held in, you also have to file away some of the top deck at the edge so when the car lands of the jump the turnbuckles stay on and arn't pushed of. Another think I have also found with the bx is that it always wanted to flip, after looking at the steering assembly I decided to do is was the same as what everyone did to the xxx4 , make the turnbuckle from the servo longer to make the steering smother and stop it diggig in so hard. firstly I removed the carbon joint out and placed a old turnbuckle from the servo to the other side of the car, at this point only one wheel will steer so look at the Ackerman at the top, with the spare hole nearest the pivot use the turnbuckle previously taken of at fit it across (must make longer) it misses all the belts and the diff."

Parts needed to realize the modification:

  • 2 AS3977 3/16 x 3/8 bearings.

  • 1 AS7377 B4 axle bearing spacer.

  • 1 AS9599 B4 MIP CVD complete set or shinny CVD (as shown in the picture)

  • 1 AS9622 Hinge pin (these are a little bit short so not sure if there is a better option)

  • 1 RS28 Rayspeed B4 0.5°.

  • 1 AS9608B Associated Factory Blue Aluminium Wheel Spacer.

For all details regarding this modifications, please read the following thread







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