As many racers know, having a motor that works exactly the way you want it to is important. When lap times get to the point where tenths of a second can mean the difference between the a-main or b-main, many start to look for ways to increase their RPMs, torque, power, etc. One of the favorite ways for racers to alter these characteristics is by modifying their brushes. For years, motor "tweaking" has helped in gaining advantages that can be felt on the track. Altering the shape of the brush was done by all sorts of methods that increased the tools in a trackside pit to the point of being ridiculous, or was just plain too difficult for the average person.

 Words: Derek Buono

Always looking for an advantage, Trinity and Billy Easton have designed a brush cutter to meet the demands of today's motors. This brush cutter is small in size with a small footprint, and boasts a long list of cuts and shapes that it can perform on most of today's brushes. Just install a slave motor and power supply/battery and you're ready to go. The brush cutter cuts vertical or horizontal slots, narrows, can cut an octagon shape in P-94, stand-up and laydown brushes for most modified, 19t, and stock motors. This brush cutter also includes a unique extra part that can be swapped out to cut the end of a P-94 face in to a round shape.


With its long list of features and sturdy construction, there are only a few things this tool cannot do, like cut serrations or V2 or Checkpoint motor brushes, but that is a small price to pay for a tool that is so small and does so much.

Celebrity Equivalent; Rating 8.0
• Small footprint and size
• Cuts vertical and horizontal slots; narrows laydown and stand up brushes
• Unique part can round P-94 brush faces
• Sturdy construction
• Precise
• Needs slave motor and power supply/batteries
• Does not cut serrations
• Can't be used on other style brushes
PHONE: 732.635.1600
ADDRESS: 36 Median Road, Edison, NJ 08820


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