With names like Andy Moore, Marc Rheinard, and Atsushi Hara using their products, Team Much More is well recognized in the racing scene. From tire warmers to motor dynos, Team Much More has a wide selection of electronics, and their latest to date is the new Silent Charger, or "SC." Let's check out the features.

Words: James Revilla
Issue 141 (August 2007)


Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and Li-Po compatible
0.1 to 6.0-amp charge and/or discharge
2-line backlit digital display
Built-in cooling fan
Magnetic temperature probe

There's not too much required when testing a charger except, you know, charge and charge some packs. I tested the SC with a Ni-Cd stick pack, a Ni-MH side-by-side race pack, and a 2-cell Li-Po pack. The SC charges at up to 6.0 amps (in 0.1 increments) for 1-14 cells (Ni-Cd/Ni-MH). The Li-Po mode tops out at 5 amps for 1-5 cells up to 18.5V. Using the SC was simple. It took a total of two button pushes to get the charge or discharge started. I was a little confused, however, with the whole "Silent Charger" name, because during any function, the cooling fan would spin up to a low (but not silent) revolution. Input/output was through universal alligator clips.

The detachable temperature probe was an added protection feature, and its magnetic design (just lay it on one of the battery cells and it will read the cell temp) made it easy to use. The temperature fail-safe is user-selectable, and Much More even gives some temperature setting suggestions depending on the ambient temperature. On the Li-Po side, the SC charged without incident, cutting off the charge correctly within the user-definable sensitivity range. Finally, having the built-in adjustable discharge function (up to 6 amps) was also useful for cycling or reviving packs ranging from basher stick packs to Ni-MH 5-cell receiver packs.

In my opinion, all new "race-level" chargers should have Li-Po charging built in, since this seems to be the way that racing is going. Team Much More has that already covered with their SC charger. Its small size and uncomplicated functionality make it a good choice for anyone looking for a well-thought out, very capable charger for the track. Now about the whole "silent" thing...

Celebrity Equivalent; Rating 8.0
Charges Ni-MH, Ni-CD, and Li-Po
Temp probe included
Charging in two button presses
Fan noise isn't really "silent"
Requires power supply