- Equal Bladders -

It is very important to have matched shocks with regards to rebound to ensure proper handling on the racetrack. When you are assembling shocks with bladders, fill the shocks with oil and bleed as you usually would. Once you place your rubber bladder into the top of the shock body, use a small blunt object such as a screwdriver to push the center of the bladder down to ensure it is fully seated in the shock body. You can twist it around slightly to let any trapped oil out from underneath it but be gentle not to stretch the bladder down and remove too much oil. Now you can thread your shock cap on and wipe off any excess oil from the outside of the shock. If you use this method for each of your bladder shocks they will all have the perfect bleed, be equal from left to right, and they won't be over pressurized which could easily cause a shock cap to blow off after a hard landing.