TB Evolution V

While belt drive is widely used for modified racing because of its inherent stability, the shaft drive platform has maintained key benefits for stock and 19 turn classes. These benefits include instant acceleration, high drive train efficiency and fast steering response, all of which are ideal for racing stock and 19turn. Tamiya's shaft drive TB Evolution series has always been on the forefront of shaft drive technology and Tamiya now introduces the next generation TB Evolution 5. Here is an overview of the all new TB Evo 5.

Key improvements on the Evo 5:

  •  Narrow profile 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis with 2mm super low CG upper deck

  •  Machined aluminum rear differential out-drives

  •  Low CG/linear Ackerman steering system

  •  Super light, low CG, one-piece aluminum lower bulkheads

  •  New LW reversible short suspension (1mm shorter)

  •  Universal/Dog bone aluminum drive shaft

  •  Heat sink motor mount

  •  Large surface area motor heat sink

  •  LW aluminum center shafts

  •  Aluminum center outdrives

  •  Redesigned ring and pinion gear

  •  Redesigned front and rear damper stays

Evo 5 standard features:

  •  Blue anodized aluminum ball ends

  •  Blue anodized aluminum turnbuckles

  •  Low friction TRF Dampers

  •  Knurled blue anodized aluminum upper and lower damper caps

  •  Blue anodized aluminum pre-load adjusters w/o-ring

  •  F/R stabilizers

  •  Low friction ball connectors

  •  Blue anodized 0 deg. aluminum rear hubs

  •  Aluminum rear drive shafts

  •  5mm aluminum hex hub

  •  Stainless steel 2.6mm suspension shafts

  •  Full ball bearings

  •  Blue anodized aluminum wheel nuts

David's Hop-Up picks

The TB Evo 5 is already nearly fully loaded with hop-up options and although there are lots of general Tamiya Hop-Ups that are compatible with not only the Evo 5 but all Tamiya sedans, I added the following items during assembly to make the Evo 5 a little better:

53723 Aluminum Blue Servo Mount
Not only does the blue anodized aluminum look great, it also adds a solid mount for the steering servo, eliminating any possibility of the servo shifting while racing which would require re-trimming the steering.

53876 Aluminum Damper Retainer 1mm Down Type
Because springs tend to vary in length, Tamiya now offers aluminum damper retainers featuring a spring support surface that is 1mm lower than standard. This provides much more flexibility with both Tamiya and aftermarket spring choices.

53918 TRF Damper V parts (Low Friction)
Molded with Molybdenum impregnated plastic, these new damper V parts produce less suspension friction and last longer.

53850 Titanium Nitride Coated Damper Shafts
The titanium nitride coating offers a much harder surface than the stock fluorine coated shafts improving the life of the shaft and increasing time between rebuilds. The titanium nitride surface is also very smooth providing an ultra smooth compression and rebound action.

53851 Titanium Nitride Coated 46mm Shafts
These titanium nitride coated 46mm suspension shafts reduce wear and maintain smooth suspension movement.

Finally, a combination of titanium and aluminum screws were added for weight reduction. Here�s a list of the screw count:

  • 3X8 Counter Sunk- 34pc

  • 3X10 Counter Sunk- 4pc

  • 3X5 Button Head- 3pc

  • 3X6 Button Head- 13pc

  • 3X8 Button Head- 21pc

  • 3X10 Button Head- 7pc

  • 3X12 Button Head- 4pc

  • 3X15 Button Head- 4pc

Building the Evo 5

The Evo 5 is very easy and straight forward to assemble and building the kit exactly as per instructions will result in an excellent race car. However, there are a few things you can do while building your Evo 5 to make it even better.

If you have bought or are considering buying the Evo 5 then you most likely intend to race your car. If this is the case, a little bearing preparation will give you an extra level of efficiency to take full advantage of your shaft drive chassis. This consists of cleaning out the grease in the ball bearings. However, this will reduce the life of your bearings and should be done at your own discretion. Prior to beginning assembly, take all the ball bearings (except for the two 850 diff bearings and thrust bearing) and place them in a small jar. Spray electric motor cleaner in the jar until the bearings are submerged and gently agitate the jar periodically. After a few minutes, the motor cleaner will be saturated in white grease at which point you will want to dispose of the dirty motor cleaner solution and re-spray with fresh motor cleaner (repeat if necessary). Once the bearing grease is washed out, remove the bearings and place them on a paper towel to dry. Once dried, apply light bearing oil to the
bearings and you�re ready to assemble your kit.

For drive train assembly, a full set of shims are included to properly shim the ring and pinion gears (an important step when building a shaft drive chassis). During assembly, in addition to what was illustrated in the manual, an extra 10X 0.1mm shim was added to the long side of the ball differential and the one-way differential. Doing this reduced side-to-side movement of the differentials for a more consistent gear mesh. The amount of shims needed can vary from car to car so be sure to adjust yours accordingly.

While assembling the shocks, one 3X 0.1mm shim (Item #53585) was added between the shock piston and e-clip to eliminate piston movement on each shock shaft (these shims are not included in the kit).

Other than the added shims and additional hop-ups, I set-up Evo 5 as per instructions. The design of the drive trains one-piece lower bulk heads and shaft system makes it the smoothest and freest Evo chassis to date. Mine will spin for about 30 seconds and based on other Evo 5's I've seen, that's just average. With the Evo 5, it is no longer necessary to spend hours fine tuning the gear boxes to maximize efficiency. Low resistance is the primary appeal of shaft drive. This results in very fast acceleration, potentially allow you to gear a little taller and subject the motor to less stress which can decrease the possibility of the motor speed slowing towards the end of a race. 









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