What do the Numbers Mean?

Discharge Rate (DR)*: Slingshot Batteries matches all of there batteries at 35 amps. This processing ensures that the cells will be able to withstand the current draw of any racing application as well as weeding out low quality cells.

Charge Rate (CR): Slingshot Batteries charges all there cells at 6 amps during the matching cycle.

Runtime (Sec)*: Runtime is the number of seconds it took to discharge the cell at 35 amps from fully charged to .9V cutoff

Average Voltage (AV)*: This is the average voltage of the cell when discharged at 35 amps from fully charged to .9V cutoff.

Discharge (DET)*: We use the industry standard 5000 sec cutoff for AV. Obviously the discharge will not last 5000 seconds, however this setting allows for a full discharge down to the .9 cut off voltage. Be sure the competitors are using a full 5000 second run out when comparing with Slingshot Batteries.

Actual Internal Resistance (AIR): This is the internal resistance of the cell. You want this number to be as low as possible for spec stock and 19T racing. Lower internal resistance effects how fast the car will accelerate or the “punch” of the battery pack.

Cutoff Voltage (CTV): Slingshot Batteries uses 0.9V the cell cutoff voltage. This is the voltage at which the discharge of the cells stops and the runtime is calculated. Assuming the DET is set higher then the runtime of the pack this is also the level at which average voltage is calculations

* Be aware there are matchers out there that still use 20, 25 and 30 amp discharge rates to match their cells. Reducing the discharge rate will give better average voltage numbers and longer runtime numbers when compared to Slingshot Batteries. Also some companies may use lower DET or higher CTV to inflate AV numbers. Be aware when comparing Slingshot Batteries to competitors. Just because the numbers are better does not mean they are better. Slingshot Batteries chooses to use the highest industry accepted discharge rate and industry standard discharge cutoff parameters to ensure our customers are getting the best product possible.








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