New Pack Instructions, Charging, and Caring for IB & EP Cells

The Ni-MH cells available today require different treatment than cells of the past. Following the simple instructions below will ensure that you get the highest performance from your pack while still maintaining longevity.

New Packs

If your pack is brand new, we recommend you put about 800MAH at a lower charge rate (4 amps), then discharge the battery at 20-35AMPS down to 5.4 volts (.90 per cell).  When discharging is complete, put the pack on a discharge/equalizing tray to bring the cells down to .90 volts per cell.  When this process is complete you are now ready to charge your new pack.  Because Slingshot Batteries puts a partial charge on the cells before being shipped to preserve runtime, this process ensures that none of the cells will be damaged from over discharging or charging.   With the low internal resistance (IR) of the newest cells, it is essential to keep some charge in them when stored for long periods.  The lower the IR numbers the higher the rate of self-discharge, the process of a cell loosing capacity while stored.

Charging Equipment

Slingshot Batteries uses the latest Competition Electronics chargers and matchers. However there are several good chargers on the market today. The most important factors to look for would be NiMH capability, adjustable charge rate, and adjustable peak detection. Overcharging today’s high voltage cells is almost always the cause of cell venting and failure.

Charging Process

Slingshot Batteries recommends a 6AMP charge rate for all applications. We have tested many different rates but found this rate had the best power to lifetime ratio. If you would like a little longer life from your packs you can use a 5AMP rate, but we found overall power to drop slightly. Higher charge rates can be used with minimal power gains, however overall life of the pack will drop significantly.

Peak Detection Setting

This setting can fluctuate depending on ambient temperature and other factors, however Slingshot Batteries suggests starting with the peak detection to the lowest setting available and then adjusting from this point.  If the ambient temp is higher, your peak setting will be lower as the cells warm up easily.  If the ambient temperature is lower, you will increase your peak detection setting to help the cells reach 125 degrees at peak.  It is not uncommon for the pack temp to increase after peak as the chemicals settle.  This is common so don’t be alarmed if the temp continues to rise slightly.  Your fully charged pack should peak with a temperature somewhere between 122-132 degrees.  Become familiar with your chargers settings and capabilities, as they are critical to obtaining the most from your Slingshot Batteries.









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