Battery Levels, How do I Choose?

Slingshot Batteries sells 3 different levels of batteries for each type of cell we match.

The Racer level is for the club racer who wants the benefits and performance of high end matched batteries but is on a budget. These batteries are great for the budget minded weekend racer. These cells still maintain a high level of performance and are great for Sportsman Modified and any type of off-road racing where there is not enough traction to use all the power of a super high voltage battery pack.

The Team level is for the serious club racer who is racing in the upper levels of the Sportsman or Pro level at there local club track. These batteries will offer higher voltage and typically lower internal resistance then the race level and will give you that competitive edge. This level of battery is great of Stock off-road racing and any type of Club on-road racing. The team level is a very high performance cell at a great price.

The Factory level is for the discriminating racer who travels and competes in National level competition. These ultra high voltage and super low internal resistance cells will give you that extra edge in spec type racing (Stock and 19t) and for the serious on-road and oval racing. These are the best batteries we have that the seasoned pro will demand for that race winning performance.








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