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Words: Peter Vieira

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Using a unique, patented, revolutionary lithium-ion chemistry developed at A123Systems, HypersonicTM packs provide high performance and abuse-tolerance unmatched by any other battery chemistry.

With its ultra low-impedance design and high power capability, HypersonicTM offers high performance and long cycle life characteristics in a robust, safe package.

HypersonicTM packs can also be connected together to create custom configurations for almost any electric propulsion application.

Experience a new level of battery performance in R/C vehicles with A123 Racing HypersonicTM Lithium Ion.

World's quickest electric drag bike, A123-powered. Quarter mile time: 9.08 seconds at 160MPH, 0-60MPH in 1.5 seconds




The HypersonicTurboTM system has all the features and benefits of the HypersonicTM products with the flexibility of adjustable output voltage and constant power output for your entire run.

The adjustable output gives you the ability to “tune” your battery pack to your exact need, whether it’s 7.2V or 8.4V all the way up to 10.8V!

While the constant output allows your vehicle to perform at its best for the entire run, start to finish, with no voltage sag as the battery is depleted.

Check out these videos. If you ever wanted to see what happens when you put a nail through a Li-Ion cell, now's your chance. The standard cell goes off like a roman candle; the A123 cell doesn't. There's also a video of the A123 drag bike doing a burnout.

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