Protoform - Touring Car Body Tips

Trimming the Add-on Wing

......-Many wings supplied have 2 trim lines marked. The smaller, inner trim line is for ROAR and IFMAR sanctioned racing events.

......-Keep in mind, the smaller the track and lower the speeds, the larger the wing should be.

......-On tracks with high-speed "sweepers" and long straights, the wing should be further back, and slightly smaller with large spill plates for stability.


Add-On Inner Spill Plates

......-Molded into the front wheel-openings of bodies such as the PROTOform Mazda6 you will notice 2 optional add-on inner spill-plates.

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......-After careful trimming, these pieces can be mounted into the rear wing with the supplied screws/nut, servo tape, or Shoe-Goo. As with most other wings, you have the option of trimming the entire piece down following the inner trim lines.

......-These spill plates can be located directly over the wing stands or wherever they are found to be most effective. The inner spill plates are to make the rear wing slightly more efficient.


Wing Position

......-Bodies such as the PROTOform Mazda6 have longer than normal wing stands molded in to the rear deck. This allows the wing to be mounted in a forward or aft position with the supplied screws.

......-On short tight tracks the wing should be mounted in a forward position with all the lexan still intact in the "kick-up" part of the wing. Extra "add-on" spill plates on outside edges of the wing are not necessary on short tight tracks.

......-A wing with large spill plates and mounted too far to the rear will hinder the car from rotating quickly on tight tracks.

......-For larger high bite tracks the wing can be mounted rearward and the "kick-up" trimmed down to help straightaway speeds and stability.

......-Handling BALANCE is the key to quick lap times, so don't be afraid to experiment with the actual body location. Sometimes mounting the body forward or aft as little as 1/8th of an inch will be helpful in dialing in the perfect set-up and making your racecar easier to drive consistently.


Don't be afraid to experiment. Remember...Nothing ventured = Nothing gained!