How to connect a Balancing-Charger to Orion-Style Lipo Batteries

Materials needed:

- One 2S balancing harness
- 4mm gold plugs (4x Male)
- 2mm gold plugs (1 Male, 1 Female)
- 12-14 gauge wire
- 20 gauge wire (ex. from a servo lead)
- Heatshrink tubing

Step 1:

Cut off the end of the 2S Harness that plugs into the battery. Be sure to leave a small amount of wire on the battery plug so it can be used as an adapter for other types of batteries (see tip below).

Extend the middle lead on the 2S harness to your desired length - this wire will be exclusively used for balancing.

Step 2:

Solder both the negative charging lead and the negative harness lead to a single 4mm male gold plug. Do the same for the positive charging lead/harness lead.

Step 3:

Solder two 4mm male gold plugs to the opposite ends of the charging leads. Solder a 2mm male gold plug to the opposite end of the middle harness lead.

With this completed harness connected, the charger can now balance-charge an Orion-style Lipo battery:

If you still need the ability to charge other brands of Lipos (with external balance plugs), you can create an adapter using the other end of the 2S Harness. Simply solder a female 2mm gold plug to the middle lead, cover it with heatshrink tubing for insulation, and remove the two outer wires from the plug (only the middle connection is needed).