In addition to being a great tool for checking and re-matching your batteries, the Muchmore CTX-D Discharger is a fantastic battery maintenance system that essentially keeps your batteries "new" far past the first few runs.

Below is Eric Anderson's explanation of his recommended maintenance process for IB batteries using the CTX-D:

I think that the biggest reason that the CTX-D works with our current cells so much is that once you take an IB cell below .6 volts they tend to do weird things. Some loose a lot of runtime and some don't loose as much. So when using another tray that takes them below that you will loose your match faster and it will just keep getting worse and worse till you have a cell vent or go bad. With the CTX-D it takes each cell down on its own at 30 amps and cuts each cell off at the cuttoff you specify.

My process is I equalize in the linear mode to .7 volts per cell before charge. Charge and run in car. Bring back and discharge to .9 per cell on the CTX-D in the 30 Pulse mode (don't even use my GFX for this anymore). Then I put away till next charge.

With this method my snowbird's packs are still within 5-8 seconds of the labels (403-418rt) and higher than the labels (1.208-1.211). My 6 packs from the birds cycle out at 7.27-7.31 at 35 amps on the GFX. IR's are 10.1-11.1 as a pack.

I've never had packs keep the runtime this long with high voltage and low IR's. The ONLY thing I can blame this on is the CTX-D since I bought it at the birds and its the only discharger I have used since then.


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