How To Build a Dual Trans-Cap Unit for the Novak GTB


According to Charlie Suangka of Novak Electronics:

“We've done a bit of testing with "multiple" power cap trans modules on the GTB and found that 2 in parallel is good for reducing cap temps quite a bit, and slightly reducing ESC temps.
I know, MORE caps, great right..... Its not necessary, but it does help. Any help is a good thing.”

Below is our suggested method for installing two Novak Trans-Cap Modules in parallel on the GTB ESC.

1) Carefully cut the heatshrink off of the two Trans-Cap Modules.

2) Unsolder the output wires from each capacitor's circuit board.

3) Position the two capacitors next to each other as shown in the picture above with a piece of durable double-sided tape in between (for insulation).

4) Solder a section of 16gauge wire connecting the positive (+) of each capacitor; solder another section of 16gauge wire connecting the negative (-) of each capacitor.

5) Splice a section in the middle of each of the wires' insulation to expose the wire inside.

6) Solder a piece of 16gauge wire from the middle of the positive (+) capacitor wire to the battery positive (+) on the ESC; solder another piece of 16gauge wire from the middle of the negative (-) capacitor wire to the battery negative (-) on the ESC. It is ideal that these 2 output wires be equal in length.

As shown in the picture above, the dual Trans-Cap can be relatively compact; it actually takes up only a little more room than the standard Trans-Cap Module, and it is low enough to fit under the T2'007 upper deck. The terminals on the capacitors can also act as convenient areas for soldering cooling fan wires!


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