Cleaning Up Pit Wiring with the MMR Power Station Mini

With some traditional pit-wiring setups, racers often have to deal with many "jumbled" wires behind their equipment. The Much More Power Station Mini is a great accessory for cleaning up the wiring in your pit area. First, it is a very versatile unit that allows you to connect up to six high current devices (up to 20 amps each) to a very small area. Second, unlike alligator clips, it allows the positive and negative leads to be concentrated to a single Deans-type connector. As a bonus, the Deans-type connectors eliminate the possibility of reverse-polarity because it cannot be plugged in backwards. Because of these advantages, racers with a Power Station Mini are able to wire their pit equipment much like an AC setup, with the (+) and (-) wires joined all the way to the plug.

This versatile power station can be connected to a power supply in multiple ways. For temporary connections, racers can use the pre-soldered alligator clips (shown in picture above) or switch to zero-loss Banana Gold Connectors offered by Much More Racing. For racers who prefer a more permanent connection, Much More includes these connectors with locking washers:

These connectors work perfectly with the terminals standard on many power supplies (including MMR).

Since the Power Station Mini is so small, it is possible and practical to actually attach it to the case of your power supply. Both servo tape and velcro work perfect for this. Here is a picture of the Power Station Mini attached to the Much More Racing Power Master (with supplied connectors installed):

Attaching the Power Station Mini to the Much More Power Master is so practical that the power supply will still fit in its original box for convenient storage!

After soldering a Deans-type connector onto the input wires of your equipment, wrapping wire loom (available from car audio, electronics, and home improvement stores) around the wires helps prevent the wires from "flopping" around. Placing heat-shrink tubing around the ends also helps clean it up.

The wire loom helps make your overall pit area appear much more organized. Here is a picture of a fully connected Cell Master and Motor Master with this wiring setup:


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