High competition RC racing generates a lot of heat. The MMR Cooling Fan Stand is a small and convenient tool for combating heat in the pits. The unit consists of two brushless cooling fans that blow upwards toward the grills. It provides enough airflow to perform miscellaneous cooling tasks, but is not so strong as to prevent it from being a useful charging aid.

The Cooling Fan Stand can use any 12V power source. You can also power the unit using the output control pin on the MMR Cell Master charger. The Cell Master also gives the option of programming when the fan activates during charge or discharge.

Here are some great uses for the Cooling Fan Stand:

Provide ventilation for battery during charge:

Sometimes a battery requires some ventilation in order to not overheat in low ventilated areas or high heat conditions. This is especially true for today’s newer batteries that are more temperature-sensitive.
Too much airflow during charge, however, will overcool the batteries and cause them to lose power. The placement of the fan stand and the orientation of the fans can adjust how much airflow is provided.

Placing the stand a slight distance away from the battery with the fans blowing toward the battery will create the strongest amount of airflow.

Unless you are in very high heat conditions, this could be too much airflow. If this is the case, you can lessen the effect by either moving the stand further from or directly over the battery. When you place the stand directly over the battery, the fans will blow away from the cells, pulling air from around the battery pack and providing a medium amount of ventilation.

Because the fans pull air from the battery rather than blowing directly upon it, the cooling effect is reduced.
If you still desire less ventilation, you can place the fan stand on its side a slight distance away from the battery (with the fans still blowing away from the battery).

This method will provide the least amount of ventilation.

***In very high heat conditions, we also recommend the MR-BHB BATTERY HEATSINK; a charging aid utilized by some of the best RC drivers in the world!

If you have a Cell Master charger, you can program the charger to start the fan stand when the battery reaches a certain temperature. This setting can be adjusted in the setup menu for each charging profile (see pic below).
You can also program whether or not the fans remain on after charge or discharge. This setting can be adjusted in the main setup menu. “On” is set by temperature; the set value is the minimum battery temperature at which the fan will remain on. When the battery temperature falls below this value, the fan stand will power off.

Cooling a battery while traying or dead-shorting:

Most matchers will tell you that it is just fine to run a NiMH battery pack more than once in a day, but that you should allow the battery cool fully before charging it again. Many racers now like to tray or dead-short their batteries before charge, though, and this prolongs the amount of time the cells stay warm.
By placing the cooling fan stand over your discharging tray, you can keep the battery cool as it equalizes or dead-shorts.

If you prefer to cool a battery before you tray it, you can just place it on top of the fan grills for a couple of minutes.

Cooling motors:

High competition racing will usually get your motors very hot. This can especially become a nuisance when you are ready to perform maintenance, but your motor is too hot to touch.
The most convenient way to cool a motor after a race is to just place the Cooling Fan Stand on top of or under the car with the fans blowing toward the motor.

The grills will prevent the fan blades from touching anything, and the non-conductive anodized surface will not short anything on the car. If your chassis has an opening beneath the motor, you can also place your car on top of the fan stand while you perform other maintenance.

If you have already managed to remove the hot motor from the car, you can easily just place it on top of the grills.


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