Stiffening a pan car front end - Results about the different way

It is Aichi prefecture Hawk of CRC Japan 2007 support treatment.

This time, the verification result “of strengthening measure of 7th report lower arm” and, strengthening edition of 5th report “front breath” is reported.

Verification result

[Before the measure] the [potsukiri] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] it increases

[After the measure] it has been completed with the delicate crack

After all UP it did the strength of the lower arm. Before the measure the lower arm [potsukiri] the just crash which breaks, but after measure crashing the same level, it reached the point where is sufficient the crack.
When it is the crack, the alignment deviates a little, but there are no times when it cannot run.
This heart is strong very at the time of race/lace, is. When the [potsukiri]
[tsu] [te] you put away, you retire, or it is not, but a little true [tsu] immediately not to run, rather than the [te] retiring, because it is [mashi] much.

Front breath strengthening edition

Such mono it made finally.
“GenerationXX (double x)” no [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] (^^;

It tried making also the breath of such type, but when crashing, because professional strut opens in the letter of opposite “[ha]”, (the right side opening you understand are, or) you are the meaning which drew up strengthening edition, but as expected it is robust. Until now the same level crashing, it is not perturbed.
However, when [hade] crashing rather, as expected in upper arm breaking [roaamu] to the crack the [i] [tsu] [te] you put away in [itsuki], but. (^^;
But, because weight increase and the rigidity, 12g to rise too much have an influence on quality largely whether just a little this to be popular too much, you thought.
(Indication it received to also [yatsuki]) -> [yatsuki] appropriate guidance thank you.
m (_ _) m


When “crashing, “the letter of opposite [ha] as for professional strut opening” in”, the fact that the hole of the lower arm attaching screw part of the chassis spreads with the crash which occurs repeatedly is fundamental cause.
(The picture right as for the hole is complete round with the new item, but the left the hole is spreading with the crash which occurs repeatedly)
Depending, like me crashing, when professional strut opens, please try checking the hole of the chassis.
In the association, knowing this, it is the meaning which made the breath of strengthening edition in order to oppose to this, but rigidity the front recommends the strengthening edition breath to anti-crash concern with [gachigachi], but if I tested, with whether [yatsuki] type better you think.








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