Team CRC Generation X - Front Brace

It is Aichi prefecture Hawk of CRC Japan 2007 support treatment.

This time the lower arm strengthening of Generation-X and simplification of height adjustment are reported.

When the graphite [raidohaito] spacer is installed in the lower arm, in order for there to be also the report of other one, the head of the flat countersunk head screw interferes.

In case of me, we to do processing which is similar to support driver Fukuoka prefecture Hisama, because increase, as for me who am the crusher the lower arm snaps also 3 in 1 days, the consumable? Reduction of the time which processes the lower arm of strengthening the lower arm was thought.

[CRC3236] The 3mm graphite [raidohaito] spacer (Gen-X) the flat countersunk head screw it processes.
([Niftech3125] 4-40 it can purchase the tool with the flat countersunk head screw processed tool)
The upper arm mount (Gen-X) as for the screw which is locked,
[kyb-092] 4-40 x 1/2 plate bis (the lead-lead) both front and back you use.

If this it is, because 1 graphite [raidohaito] spacers just are processed, at each time the lower arm is bought the plate you can exclude the time which processes. (^^)
In addition, when you look at the lower arm which breaks, it be sure has cracked in the part which 8-32 is locked with the screw.
Because this power increasing to the part which is locked with the screw, not to be able to withstand, is thought, that it has cracked, power dispersing be embraced the graphite [raidohaito] spacer with the screw with due to locking, because it becomes difficult to crack, you think. (Still coming off, increase the verification it is)
In addition, at the time of height adjustment when 8-32 removing the screw this be embraced with doing, other than locking in the lower arm without either the graphite [raidohaito] spacer coming off from the lower arm, removal and re-installation of the spacer is easy.








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