Team CRC T-Fource - Battery Holder

It is Aichi prefecture Hawk of CRC Japan 2007 support treatment.

This time it reports concerning the battery stopper of T-Fource.
Usually, [CRC1333] the battery brace for T-FOURCE has been attached to T-Fourcen, but because just a little time catches, the battery was fixed being the glass tape.
But, the crusher as for me when it crashes hard, there was a thing which the battery moves to the front in large quantity, extremity made the case of ESC BREAK, terribly the extent battery which makes the baseplate in short-circuit crashed about keeps to the front. Depending, you devised “powerful battery stopper”.

<Necessary business the material>
[CRC1260] 1/2 inch stand off
1.2mm thick fiberglass board
 * 1 carbons are useless, there is danger which the battery short-circuits.
 * As for 2 thicknesses thickness of the minimum please interpret. Above this being thick, it does not care.
4- 2 401 /4 titanium plate bis
4- 2 401 /4 titanium button bis
 * Because bis breaks when it is the aluminum, directly, please use titanium or stain.

Because this time it is the all spot goods adjusting, only procedure is introduced.

It does not hit against the European connector with, looking at the room of 2~3mm, it cuts the breadth of [gurasuhuaiba].
Vertical width very limit does not hit to the battery with, puts on the nut of the T bar point a little.
Unless (this width is taken, because room of the screw fixed portion does not take,)
The part which puts on the nut of the

1.T bar point is shaved. (In tool in use inconvenience it is not)
2. Adjusting to the chassis, it positions the screw fixed hole.
3. In order not to hit against the jumper cord/code of the battery, it shaves and it is makes encounter densely.
4. In order to make mechanic loading even a little easy, angle it does to drop.

Now crashing suitably, the battery there are no times when it springs out to the front. (^^) v

Cutting the center rib of capital trade PLAZMA before approximately 20 ranks Mk.2, you used the fiberglass which in the association, this time is used.
You do not know, what kind of machine… [tsu] [te] voice being audible, you rival, is, when, but because the fiberglass of black would like to use, the part of former times searching, the cod it could excavate.
However only natural it enters into the hand, as for the one that, the color attachment is good, there is also a method of dyeing with the die/di remaining overnight.
Because the die/di remaining overnight is the dye, it enters into the hand at the handicraft store.
The giving [gu] [re] black calling from calling, please do not use the carbon fiberglass.
The battery short-circuiting, because it becomes outrageous thing.








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