Team CRC Generation X - Front Brace Modification

It is Aichi prefecture Hawk of CRC Japan 2007 support treatment.

Until now, T-Fource was used, but Generation-X was finally purchased. (^^) v

Becoming modification of layout of foam/home course and around opposite, in the circumstance which does not have the course being accustomed, it ran T-Fource and Generation-X and tried comparing.
First 3 pack running and setting it put out with T-Fource and with did the trial of the line, next to Generation-X the tire and the damper (center & the side) transplanted from T-Fource, just the side spring made white, the front spring made kit standard. (As for T-Fource green)
Generation-X runs with is not to think with the same damper set as T-Fource where the T bar has been attached, but whether saying, because either the standard of the damper set of Generation-X it was not, it tried testing first with this.
It is to run to being surprised, suddenly at the same level as T-Fource.!
[waza], it is to try swinging, but it is the enormous sense of relief without also behavior being disordered.
But, from this “it is possible to be the same setting as T-Fource”, with you do not think.
After all, trying testing various types, of keeping groping, better setting it is the intention.
Shakedown was good with say, I who am the crusher in the future there is no what, because there is no either expectation of being completed, those where we want making the strengthening part after all are the front brace. f (^^;
Depending, this time it reports concerning the front brace production of Generation-X.

The front brace of Generation-X

Because the front brace of Generation-X presently is not sold, the original work it tried doing with method and the part which anyone can make easily.

Necessary business the part

[CRC1402] the stand off for T-FOURCE 3
4-40 x 2 5/16 or 3/8 set screws
 (I used [tsuikubisu] of the T bar of [asoshi])
M3 0.75mm aluminum 4 washers
[kyb-014] 4-40 x 3/8 cap head bis (lead-lead) 2


1. the set screw which attaches the screw lock from left and right of the stand off 1 is tightened about half.
 With while it is this state, it warms with the dryer and dries the screw lock.
 Trying turning the set screw lightly by the hand, if the set screw does not turn, it is OK.

2. After in the set screw through the washer, it tightens stand off and it is with goes densely.
 This left and right please go.
 The brace is completion now.
* After drying the screw lock, unless it advances to this process, it tightens stand off and densely simultaneously with the [mu], there are times when also the set screw keeps entering to middle stand off.


You insert the washer during caster block and the brace, lock with the cap screw and install and it is end.









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