Front end, Middle section and Rear end Tips

Making CRC Japan2007 [wakusu] treatment receive, it is S good fortune of Iwate prefecture which has become to receive.

Foam/home course is the Mizusawa radi-con interior circuit which is Iwate prefecture inner part state city.

This course, with northeast with number little interior course, in the rank high grip road surface which the high side is done, recently even with 1/12, the person who can send 1/12 increases. In addition, because also race/lace was done with the 23T stock motor, we would like to keep writing the report which even in the person whom you think that with [modehuaimota] speed it passes with the person of the beginner, becomes reference.

This year 1 years we ask may.

This time, when generation X assembles, it becomes when it processed and it would like to report the part which assemble your own flow matter of concern and.

Center pivot assembly

Because interval of the screw hole of the press check pivot plate and the carbon make pivot plate was different somewhat, the hole of the plastic pivot plate was expanded to 2.3mm.


When inserting the plastic pivot in the carbon make pivot plate, because somewhat it was restrictiveness, it expanded with the reamer. Expanding too much, in order for abnormal play not to come out, please note.


Assembly of rear pot

After in the instruction manual, attaching the top plate and X breath, you have installed in the bottom plate, but it assembled in the following order.

1. Ball stud installation (3)

2. Left and right [potsudoporeto] is installed in the bottom plate. This time, you measure interval with the slide caliper and install parallel.

WS000081.JPG WS000082.JPG

 In order approximately for interval underneath as much as possible to become same, replacing left and right, you adjust.

3. Top plate installation
You verify whether it measures the width above front and back after the installing and has not deviated extremely.

WS000083.JPG WS000084.JPG

 4. Installation of X brace

When it assembles in this order, you think that it is assembled in the rear pod where the distortion is little.

[tsuikupureto] assembly

After in the instruction manual, acquiring stand off to [tsuikupureto], it is fixed in the chassis, but
1. Ball stud and side spring installation
2. Stand off is installed in the chassis, (4)
3. While holding down the chassis to the setting board, [tsuikupureto] installation

When it assembles in this order, you think that the distortion of [tsuikupureto] can be prevented.

Assembly of professional strut

Because the head of the flat countersunk head screw for caster block installation has come out somewhat, when [CRC3236] of option the 3mm graphite [raidohaito] spacer (Gen-X) you use, to make plate processing deep to shave the head of the screw please try not to come out. When (you install with the aluminum make spacer, there is no problem, is)

WS000085.JPG WS000086.JPG

Putting 1/4 shims for the ↑ rear axle, height you adjusted.

You verify whether it turns to the upper arm smoothly through the hinge pin.


When it is caught, the pin hole is expanded.

WS000088.JPG WS000089.JPG

 When it expands with the blade and the like of the drill, because it is difficult to become straight, in case by your the shaft of 2mm (the suspension pin of [tamutetsukugia] of [tamiya]) those which attach the scratch slantedly with the plier are used. When (the scratch is too large, the hole spreads too much)


It passes from the one which the scratch has not attached, turns the shaft, it shaves the hinge section in the part which does damage. It passes next in the same way from opposite side and shaves the hinge section of opposite side.

Installing the upper cap, if the stone it does not fall with prudence, already it shaves a little.

That moves smoothly with just the upper arm after, inserting the teflon washer, locking the upper cap, you verify whether the upper arm, the stone falls in the same way with prudence. When it does not fall, in order to fall with prudence, thickness of the teflon washer is adjusted.


Case by your, you used the 2.0mm spacer shim of [yokomo] and adjusted. On (before) from there is no abnormal play with 0.13 and, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 and 0.5 could unite.

You think that it is assembled if the instruction manual reading securely, it assembles, the other parts, without problem. Because processing which this time is introduced, is processing and the adjustment which can be diverted to most 1/12, please try referring. In addition, 1/12 “there is no abnormal play and moves smoothly” to “to be warped, paying attention the gap the left and right and” assemble, please try doing [mente].

As for the next time, it is the schedule which reports the circumstances of shakedown.







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