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 It is Hisama of 2007 support members. We would like us to send the continuation of the production report which we have discontinued with the shy failure, the last time loss of the king pin ball.

Previous report byKen Ichiro Hisama

 Before the king pin ball reaches, job is continued in the range which can be made. First it is from the upper arm. In case of professional strut suspension, with the caster block which the hinge pin two is divided in order to anticipate, the hole of the upper arm is faired. Because of the resin formation part, when it tries passing through the pin, considerably it is the narrow being settled. If it is millimeter size, because it can process with the blade and the reamer of the drill, because the ginger, it is inch size, roundly the [me] it is to be thin using the sandpaper, it keeps processing steadily. The car of this category until nervousness extent, agreement it goes carefully, makes the sail sail.


After this job ends, it just assembles. Assembling according to of taking theory, it is completion of the front suspension assembly.


After the front section becomes completion with the linkage, but when it tries inserting the ball end of kit standard in the ball, considerable abnormal play comes out. In addition to set, because the [zu] leprosy, resigning, you modified here. Crushing lightly with the radio plier, and the like adjustment you think, the abnormal play taking of the ball end, but when of aged deterioration is thought, that you think and keep closely examining the ball end whether possibility whether there is a person who uses those which are fixed accurately from beginning it is good. If it was car case of the touring car and the like, you used the RPM corporation make and [yokomo] HD type and the like, but in case of 1/12 this time you used the ball end of atlas 4.3mm from problem of clearance. It keeps choosing also the ball, to adjust to this ball end, but because height of the ball is different delicately, this time those of kit standard were used.


After trying setting, when it can combine somewhat astringent extent, it becomes completion, to move smoothly with the ball-end reamer
It increases.

After stacking the mechanic, it is the case that it becomes completion, but one problem occurred. If the top plate of rear pod is not removed depending upon the motor which you use it stacks and lowering is not possible. Now wear of the pod plate coming out, it may put away, because is, it processes a little.

Plate before the processing

After the processing

 Like the photograph just it shaves a little. After this processing as a motor plate it becomes unable to use, but precision of the rear pod which is united accurately is maintained, because perhaps, your own way it stacks the motor frequently and perhaps effective in the person who is lowered processing which becomes reference.


 Placing the mechanic, it is completion. In order for the seeing prospering to be good, the dummy battery tried placing RC3600HV.

 It is the meaning which becomes first travelling at the place which the car is produced, but that day which it visits in the circuit incenter entry does with the notion that where how will do the cellulose nitrate of as many as 1/12 is done, or it was perplexed. In any case, you must try to run the car securely, because, job is recommended. When it does, “the usual report seeing there, it increases. The car it was possible?”With it has using voice, delightfully well and others, it is shy at all it is complicated feeling. Only old-fashioned know-how for by your it does not have in regard to the car of 1/12 that you thought and made disturb to the pit and received, in various ways received advice whether you can receive good advice. (The teacher, thank you in various ways.)

 Concretely it received advice concerning the below-mentioned item.

 1. The O ring is set under the center pivot
Actually when it tries running, considerable the [huratsuki] impression was cancelled. The O ring which you use considerably is something of setting. When is just the side spring from, it reached the point where [kitsuchiri] and rear pod return to center.

 2. The grease of setting is used in the roll damper
When using the tube lube of kit standard, because rear pod moves to stopping, when the grease of setting is used, irregularity of the movement the front it became the feeling which is possible to go out. While grasping the grip and the like of the circuit, perhaps around this the varieties it should have kept trying.

 3. Length of front spring

   Because the spring for the professional strut which, has entered into the kit originally free length is short when it is 0.45mm, it moved too much, when it is 0.50mm, unless it bends, it was 'teacher' empty advice. Actually when it tries running, it is the movement of the sort. Pretension applying 0.45mm of [asoshi], with the notion that where it went to buying in the shop, you use, but it was in the defect item. Xenon 0.475mm and 0.450mm which are a little shorter than [asoshi] then were tried. When the varieties it tries fumbling also around this, perhaps it is funny.

  Simply, the fact that here it becomes matter of concern is the quantity of pretension. Locking the length of the king pin, adjustment is possible with the spacer, but when the spring where free length is different is used, it may become a little complicated, is. Then if position of the king pin which becomes standard is set, it is the expectation which can quantize setup and can simplify.


Like with respect to the picture left when inserting the king pin in axle block, because most it is the position where pretension catches, you measured the length of this time with the slide caliper and had decided to make reference level. After setting the spring which is used, if it changes the length of the king pin, because mounted reference level is possible, whether validity to the setup of the front spring you think.

When essential cellulose nitrate as for you say, starting from the B main pole, enjoyed 2 counts and race/lace, but it fails immediately before the scoring. . It was B main 2 rank. Because it keeps writing the various race/lace reports and the like even from now on, we ask may.

                                                  Ken Ichiro Hisama






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