Sending from support driver Aichi prefecture Hawk 2007, you publish the report which it receives. Hawk thank you.

It is Aichi prefecture Hawk of CRC Japan 2007 support treatment.

This time, it reports concerning the actualization of front set of the battery.

As for servo I use with PDS-949FET of KO, as for the receiver it is SANWA RX-431.
As for size servo: 36×30.7×15mm, receiver: To 30.0×26.5×15.8mm and one for 1/12 it is just a little large texture.
In addition, regarding to Generation-X with this mechanic partly due to the fact that the European connector is used in the battery, as for set before the battery, in kit normal condition there is an excessiveness.
If AMB [ponda] and microminiature ESC it combines, still method is certain, but like my foam/home course, when AMB [pondashisutemu] is not introduced, because you think, that in large quantity it is, we would like to introduce the method I taking even because of such one.
Furthermore, please refer to the 4th report of CRC [wakusuyatsuki] concerning the effectiveness of the front battery.

First, the fact that it is indispensable to this, [CRC4017L-Red] is low-profile [arumisabomaunto] (lead-lead).


Furthermore, as for this servo mount there are times when it is necessary to add plate processing to the screw installation section.
As for this, in order for the head of the flat countersunk head screw of the chassis not to come out from the surface of the chassis, because plate processing of the chassis is dug in deepening, when with because the tapered part of the flat countersunk head screw appears in the chassis surface, you install in state while it purchases, because it cannot lock the servo mount exactly in the chassis is.
It adds which rank plate processing, it did with the spot goods adjusting.
Because precision of the graduation of the drilling machine which I have is bad, because it is not possible to apply the graduation, is.
At the time of processing, [shitsukari] to lock with the vise for the drilling machine with adding management as horizontal, when you push excessively strongly, you dig the plate fir cutter too much, because the servo mount is tilted, please go little by little with delicate power allowance.
As for the tool with, [Niftech3125] 4-40 the flat countersunk head screw processed tool is sold.

The servo mount and the chassis are locked, using the rear hole of the servo mount, please lock.
Because of this, because servo appears in before, it can guarantee the mechanic on-board space.

Actually if you can refer to the picture which is loaded, you think that you understand, but the ABP⇔ receiver ⇔ [damiponda] ⇔ suspension arm is clearance almost is not, but somehow it could load.

It is effectiveness of set before the battery, but we feel the effect which is similar to [yatsuki] as my individual.
However, as [yatsuki] is written, “the circuit whose R of the corner is small in the high grip road surface” with when is, the radi-con heaven Nagoya store (the medium high-speed corner is many) with tried the set before the battery, but as for the circuit where after all the medium high-speed corner is many you think that battery rear set is faced.