Adjust Clearance between Chassis and Lower rear plate pod

It is Aichi prefecture Hawk of CRC Japan 2007 support treatment.

This time the main chassis of JSPEC and rationalization of clearance of the rear bottom plate are reported.

1. Difficult to do, the main chassis when crashing and the contact of the rear bottom plate evasion of the exfoliation crack of layer of the carbon at the time of the paragraph and contact

2. Adjustment of wheel base (to +1.5mm)

* However, necessary there is business which understands the phenomenon like the below-mentioned link.

After if understanding, it modifies according to of job procedure, problem does not occur.

<Modification place>
[CRC1380] It actualizes dress link by making the structure like the tie rod.

<Use part>
1. Turn buckle (length 27mm)
2. [CRC1231] Ball cap

At present time it is made clearance 1.5mm.

If clearance is taken to this, you avoid the interference when crashing and the [re] so are.
It is due to crash, but. (^^;
When clearance is increased to the association, rear wheel arch of the body must be cut, because perhaps, note you ask.

<Explanation before the job>
Without processing the hole of [pipotsudopureto], when it does not stretch the possible limit opening it can be less crowded, it becomes about 1.5mm.
When the dress link of normal is used, bis is categorized near the center of the long hole of [pipotsudopureto]. In this case, the opening of the rear bottom plate and the main chassis is about 0.5mm.

<Job explanation>
When distance is made long by the fact that the turn buckle is used in place of dress link, position of the bis which is near the center of the [pipotsudopureto] long hole makes the offset (front side of traveling direction).
In order this time, for bis not to hit to the wall surface of the [pipotsudopureto] long hole, it is necessary to adjust the length of the turn buckle.
When (bis hits, interfering, it stretches)

When adjusting the length of the turn buckle, in the bis which locks [pipotsudopureto] to be light the nut is designated as the [me] [ru].
When (the
[me] you attach hard, [pipotsudopureto] does not move to front and back)
When length of the turn buckle is decided, tightening the nut which is stopped temporarily, it locks [pipotsudopureto] securely.

The opening above 1.5mm when it can be less crowded, it is thought that it is necessary to process the long hole of [pipotsudopureto]. But, when the long hole of [pipotsudopureto] is enlarged too much, because also the case which breaks [pipotsudopureto] is thought, the case where it processes about 0.5mm, it is at the point such as the limit that it shaves. In other words as for the rear bottom plate after the processing and the opening of the main chassis you think that it becomes 2mm.
Furthermore, because long hole processing of [pipotsudopureto] risk is large, it is left over and cannot recommend.








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