- How to get rid of wing clips -

The Bomber

I never liked the fact that the clips do not hold the wing securely at all and tend to deform and/or break the wing if you happen to get upside down. I noticed several of the fast guys at my local track (eg munrath), use the "washers" like on an 1/8 scale buggy to secure their wings I thought that was an awesome idea!

I do like the wing mount "nipples" since they hold the wing securely left to right (assuming you cut the wing holes precisely) but do a terrible job up and down (z direction). Preserving the nipple would also allow me to continue to use the practice wings I have. So what I did was cut down the nipples leaving a boss to give the xy support. In addition the "boss" allows for a little more thread engagement. After cutting them down I drilled and tapped for a 4-40 screw. Note if using the stock plastic mount you don't have to tap. Use a #43 drill bit to make a pilot hole.

I cut them down such that they are just a little thicker than the wing.

I then cut a hole the same diameter as the wing mount nipple in a piece of velcro (loop side) and stuck it to the bottom of an 1/8 scale wing "washer" and trimmed the OD. If I had a sheet of rubber, I could have used that. This allows for a tight fit (z direction).

Here it is all together:

The wing now has zero play: