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The variety at transmitters, particularly for the RC-Car-range, is at present extremely high. But the company Multiplex can score with that already somewhat longer available model Car 707 due to very many functions still. Which makes this transmitter so singular?.

The plant gives it in three equipment variants: The smaller Car 301 and 403 differs mainly in the number of model memory and a somewhat smaller function range from the Car 707 V2 used in this test. This transmitter originates from first production and later with a Synthesizer module including suitable software was rigged, the now available plants contains this module in series. The plant nevertheless already offers an unusual solution within this range.

The optional software makes possible a very good comparison of the various parameters. The attitudes can be loaded at any time from the PC

The optional quartz module makes the use possible of To-receivers with a FM transmitter quartz and a To-Empfängerquarz. Naturally this applies from the transmitter switchable function only to the 40-Megahertz-Bereich, but it makes an easy possible transferred from simpler remote controlling systems. The developers with multiplex integrated an abundance of functions into the only 543 gram light equipment. 41 x possible of 29 millimeters a large segment LC display makes comfortable adjusting of all parameters by one easily to the eye bent installation position. In addition naturally default values belong like the servo trim, Servoreverse and the administration of the model memory.

The plant makes the universal attitude possible of many functions. A highlight is the possibility of being able to use more than two Servos. The plant can be used in such a way to limited extent also with working models

Apart from copying and delete functions for the entire memory or the selected model, to each RC-Car a maximally six-digit name can be naturally assigned. Also the exponential functions for gas and brake are to ever more transmitters. The Car has 707 functions, which are to be found at no other transmitter, for this surely counts nevertheless the multi-channel enterprise. The menu permits the selection of up to seven channels. The control can be laid out partly proportionally, than two-way switches or than tracers. Model construction amateurs receive the possibility of using within certain limits themselves somewhat more complex vehicles such as truck or military models. A further special feature is the programming possibility of up to five proportional channels, this results in in 1:5 - large-scale model range new possibilities. Here can be co-ordinated up to two Lenkservos ideally with the steering element, separately naturally in each case.

The connection of the receiver to thatPC makes a monitoring of the frequency band and an announcement possible of all transmitters within this range. Besides a complete fault-tracing is integrated

Straight ones with the employment of a disk brake system can be likewise headed for in this special mode the front and rear brake servo separately. A braking force distribution in the model can be programmed so fast. Naturally the plant offers also the possibility of extending two normal channels only by a switching or a palpation channel. With some models thereby that can be headed for multi-speed gears which can be switched separately. This function variety can be steered via four around the timing gear arranged ± - to switching jacks and an adjusting wheel as well as a tracer very well. The transmitter offers complex variants, transmission rate to likewise affect above all there leaves itself. Here the transmitter with suitable components in two different HRS modes can be operated. The response time shortens when appropriate using of high-quality Servos and receivers thus again. In order to make possible an optimal binding of many receivers, can be switched between a universal and an multiplexown attitude. The control of the Servos and the neutral points are changed in order to carry for the respective systems calculation.

Small extras
Nice further Schmankerl is the timer functions with a Rundenzähler as well as a Tankwarner and adjustable EXP. the this can at least in certain ranges a breaking out of the tail with accelerating prevent. The system can be connected also only with steering, in order to avoid nervous reactions of electronics on the straight line. The autodual rate function makes the individual tuning possible the guidance speed on the speed. The model with higher speed more slowly to guidance instructions to react, this makes possible a calmer driving in the frontier. Surely also the adjustable undervoltage identification is a meaningful extra, straight by the made special re-equipment of the transmitter on high-capacitive left ion cells is this a very valuable function. The Akku is protected reliably against a depth unloading. One for left-Akkus somewhat more deeply adjustable response threshold would only increase the periods of operation again somewhat.

More options
The anyway already schwindelig making variety is increased still by further technical finesses. For this count among other things the PC lead, scanner and Failsafe software for the receiver, for which as well as however a special cable is needed a direct interface from the transmitter to the receiver, without emitting thereby a Sendesignal. In the running enterprise latter option will become positively apparent, while the user receives unlimited model memory and an again easier programming from many models with the PC cable. The scanner technology makes an examination possible of the surrounding field on possibly disturbing channels. Therefore this function for owners of laptop is quite interesting, particularly since the necessary software can be downloaded free of charge of the multiplex homepage and no strong computer achievement presupposes.

The departure running in ball bearings can be adapted to the finger size. Via the adjusting wheel all parameters can be adjusted fast and simply, the confirmation of the inputs been made by the tracer


As characteristic the transmitter makes the enterprise possible with two serial LiPo or left ion cells. Here special 2,400 milliampere hours strong left ion cells are used - the transmitter creates now periods of operation of well eleven hours


In the Synthesizerbetrieb directly only the frequency must be confirmed by the tracer after switching on on, otherwise one no signal is emitted

As Schmankerl this plant with the quartz module can be operated also in to-frequency band, this makes possible an easy transferred to the FM technology

A rare function is for the guidance servo: This can be varied separately in the reaction rate for way back and

The plant has in series twelve model memory. These can be worked on and adjusted both at the transmitter and at the PC individually - the menu is kept in German complete

The input field is well accessible on the upper side of the transmitter, directly below the display. Various one ± - switching jacks around the timing gear make the most important attitudes possible also during the enterprise



CARS & Details

CARS & Details






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