Kimihiko Yano: Tips for Pan Car

Words: Kimihiko Yano

Carpet knife Ver3.2 assembly
Part 1: Verification of opening - contents ones 
Part 2: Processing the chassis and assembling the F suspension arm

Introduction of operational explanation CRC track/truck magnetic tire summary inch
Size tool of side link

Associated RC12L3 assembly
4 cell chassis compilation
Front suspension, main chassis & rear axles

6 cell chassis compilation
Opening main chassis upper arm assembly lower arm assemblies
Assembly around assembly T bar around front suspension arm
Assembly around rear bulkhead (1) processing the height adapter
Assembly around rear bulkhead (2)

P35 body relative Speed8 body relative
ザウバー and MS-1 body comparison
Yokomo cMs-1 body relative Ascari LMP body

Professional track/truck
Release past record FAQ collection (PDF type) of ROM
The acquisition original battery heater and the Cell Warming of the data which uses the experimental ICS of the exchange charging and connector of the ROM
The experimental Peak Volt and the something related to IR by the acquisition 2 professional track/truck corporation of the data which uses the ICS
Effect (GP3700) of temperature (GP3700) Lee peak immediately before the temperature (GP3700) charging the immediately before the discharging
Lee peak influence (GP3700) of temperature 2 (GP3700) Lee peak electric currents immediately before the influence (GP3700) discharging in the time when it does
Lee peak and heating (GP3700) Push The effect of the Charge (the GP3700) concerning power source
Effect of effective ICS of Charge Type (GP3700)

Turbo matcher -
Turbo matcher - (1)
Turbo matcher - (2)
Turbo matcher - (3)
Turbo matcher - (4)
Turbo matcher - (5)
Turbo matcher - (6)

In addition equipment
The tire setter LCS software
コミュレーズ battery charge stand PDA you measure, it is -
Digital capacity meter remodelling the thermo- * comparator CDC charger (1)
Introduction ② of introduction ① EXPERT charger of measurement EXPERT charger of cable loss resistance
Loss measurement of calibration brush hood of introduction CDC charger of Fantom Factory Lathe
Shock absorber of RIEMON

Online painting

Commutator grinding

Exponential chart

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